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"The NSA Way"- Developing the Complete Player

2 National Titles, Over 37 State Cup Championships and 100's of players awarded college scholarships

2017 State Cup Finalist

Why the "NSA Way"?

At NSA we develop the "Complete Player". This player will focus on the skills below. 

  1. Ball Control- All players will learn a vast array of moves and turns. We will also teach them how to use these skills effectively in match play.
  2. Passing- All players will learn how to pass with the inside of foot, outside of foot, bent balls, etc. 
  3. Scoring- All players will be learning how to score goals in many ways. They will learn to score with their laces, toes, half-volleys, full volleys, etc. 
  4. Defending- All players will learn the basic concepts of defending. This includes, but is not limited to, pressure-cover-balance