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NSA U7 Talent ID

Tom Nevill

Techical Director

Phone: 2246009861

U7 TALENT ID TEAM (Starting Spring 2019)

The U7 Talent ID Program is will be coached by our Technical Director Tom Nevill. 

Players will be coached to play the game with confidence and to be creative in an environment that is fun but challenging. With the foundation phase (5-10 Years Old) being the most influential years of a young soccer players development, it is crucial that these years are spent being creative with the ball and a huge emphasis put on technical development. Across the USA many players fall into a win at all cost environment (with the emphasis put on passing), with that being said, this program is looking to identify the problem and take a different approach. This program will offer top class professional coaching a year early (U7) in order to have the players develop their skill set in a less pressurized environment.

BOYS & GIRLS - BIRTH YEAR 2012 & 2013

Program Features:

  • Introduction to Ball Mastery 
  • Technical Coaching (Passing, shooting, skills etc)
  • Body Mechanics 
  • Small Sided Games
  • Teaching a 'Love for the Game'

Goals for the Program:

  • Develop Impeccable Technique
  • Develop players with a love for the game. 
  • Create good habits from a young age
  • Develop a future National Team Player

The Registration "NSA U7 Talent ID " is not currently available.